Air Ambulance 1 - Our Company


IMG_2745 edited (966x1024)Air Ambulance 1 combines professional aero medical transport teams with exceptional aircraft to provide an outstanding level of patient care. Years of experience in the aviation and medical industry allows us to ease clients through the planning process. We offer a “VIP” service to accommodate special requests for worldwide medical air travel. With over 30 part time and full time employees, Air Ambulance 1 is able to support transports around the world. It is our ultimate goal to provide professional medical transports to our clients.

Our history combines a worldwide network alliance that assists our patients in getting air ambulance flights at economical prices due to our unique medical aircraft strategies layout. A worldwide network alliance allows us to have aero medical jets available to our patients quickly and ultimately results in saving you precious time and money!

Some of Our Key Features

  • Instant Online Quotes – The First and Only Company to Offer It
  • We Own, Lease and Broker Aircraft – Using the Right One for our Clients
  • 24/7 Dispatch Center – Multiple Language Support 
  • Supervised Trip from Start to Finish
  • Consistent Management from Quote to Invoice
  • Superior Quality Of Care – Treating Patient Like Family
  • Proficient Assessment to Ensure Appropriate Medical Crew
  • Advanced Medical Equipment – State-of-the-Art Aircraft
  • Continuous Medical Monitoring with Bed-to-Bed Care
  • Representation for Over 100 Aircraft Worldwide