Air Ambulance 1 - Our Company


A Company Who Invests in Their Community!

community-volunteersWe are involved in many innovative projects that assist the communities we serve. Our staff is volunteering in many activities outside the day to day Air Ambulance operations. While our work consists of providing medical flights for patients that are in need, the help of our staff in comforting their patients through the aeromedical flight is a major contribution. A long term commitments have been implemented in order to show the associations we serve that we are there for them today and in the future. It is our goal to grow within our industry and become a better service for our clients and give back to our community by donating, Sponsoring and volunteering in various activities.


Air Ambulance 1 Contributes to Several Charities and Groups Such As:

  • Congregation Torah Vachessed
  • The Black Nurse Association
  • The National Kidney Foundation
  • Blue & White Soccer Group
  • Gloria Levin Melanoma Cancer Foundation
  • The American Cancer Society


If you have special request for assistance and feel that we may be of help, please feel free to write us by clicking here.