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General Questions

Do you offer any other services?

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving a patient in need of medical care from point A to point B is not cheap. That said, it is the speediest and safest way to get the patient to a medical facility. The sole commitment by the team at Air Ambulance 1 is to give the patient the most suitable means of travel to get them to a place they can get medical help. Our main focus is to give the affected the most efficient, patient and caring form of transportation. We plan for the ground and air evacuations, escorts who will be with the patient as they travel via railway, cruise ship, airline or any other form of commercial transport. We also do all the planning for commercial airline stretchers if the patient will need to be moved on an international flight as some situations require.  Basically, we do all the work of making sure the patient and close family are comfortable during the evacuation. We undertake all arrangements pertaining to luggage, people to be on the flight, cars, pets, hotels, insurance and customs in the case of an international evacuation. We cover all possible aspects just to give the patient and his or her family complete peace of mind during an otherwise stressful situation.


Who is eligible for the services that Air Ambulance 1 provides?

·         A person who falls  ill or suffers a serious injury while abroad

·         A person who becomes seriously ill or suffers serious injuries and cannot be moved by traditional means

·         A person who has an injury or illness that requires specialized attention

·         A person who has an injury or medical condition is very serious and there is need for speedy attention


Are pets allowed on the flight?

We know the close bond that a patient and his or her family can have with their pet and we consider this very important bond. For Air Ambulance 1 to make plans for your pet we would need information about its weight and size. It’s also a requirement to have your pet up to date in all necessary vaccinations and that the pet remains in its carrier during the duration of the flight. We can also set up arrangements to have it moved commercially if there is a space limitation on our Air Ambulance 1 aircrafts.


Just what exactly is an air ambulance?

Usually, it is an aircraft classified under business class. Examples include King Air, Gulfstream and Lear. Such an aircraft is customized with live support machines, stretchers, medication and professional and trained medical assistants which we like to call “medical escorts” because they really do provide service wherein they escort you from one bed to another bed in a safe, patient and comfortable manner. It is a delicate and stressful time and the air ambulance is only one part of the process. It is the people such as the Flight Coordinators and Medical Escorts who make the difference with any air ambulance company and also why we feel we stand out from the crowd.

Medical care and associated service given by a professional physician with the aim of diagnosing, treating or preventing and injury or illness should be provided:

(a)In accordance to set standards of any medical practice

(b)In accordance to set clinical standards governing site, extent and duration

(c)While not focusing on the economic advantages to the health plan provider or the convenience of the sick patient or the health care provider or scheduled physician


I came across Air Ambulance 1 over the Internet. Can this company be trusted?

There are so many other companies out there who claim to give exceptional service but come D-Day their services stink to high heavens. Often, people are misguided by the over emphasized promises that such companies make and this makes it hard to know who is the trusted service provider. The good news is that you can trust what we tell you at Air Ambulance 1. For us, it’s not just about empty talk. We have invested in videos showcasing what we do and we have endorsements and testimonials from patients we have assisted and medical personnel that we have worked with. Much as you have many options to pick from, we are sure that we are the only air ambulance service who will give you complete satisfaction.

From the heart…

We know whom works for us and consider everyone family. Being this close of a company allows us to know the quality of each other’s character which is why we can comfortably provide services around the world knowing everyone is giving their best efforts and treating our customers in a manner they would treat their own loved ones.


What do I need to do as preparation for medical transport?

Your only responsibility is to select your receiving physician and hospital, the scheduled date and time for travel and giving the details needed for facilitating payment. If you are not too sure which facility you want to be received at, we can help you make that choice as well. If you have a pretty free schedule we can also help you so set up an ideal date and time to travel. Air Ambulance 1 will take up the rest of the process from there. We will organize the flight team to travel alongside the patient, the ground and air evacuation, fill in the insurance forms, plan for people accompanying the patient as well as co-ordinate all medical facilities and personnel to be on the flight.

Our main focus is to give seamless transport for the patient and the people accompanying him or her.


Is Air Ambulance 1 insured and licensed?

Take comfort in knowing that we are a fully insured and licensed company. All the aircrafts we use are certified under the FAA Part 135.



Medical Questions


Who will give the medical care?

Other well-known companies offering air ambulance services have employed casual salespeople and other employees to man their phones and outsource their medical paramedics and nurses to give the much needed medical care. Such medics will probably just avail themselves for such jobs after ending their shift at a hospital where they are employed.

At Air Ambulance 1, we do things differently. On call is a fully trained and professional medic and they are charged with handling all incoming calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The medical team at Air Ambulance 1 comprises of a flight nurse and a critical care paramedic who have a combination of over 10 years. Our professionals have many years of training in emergency medication, critical care and other specialized medical fields. Because of their many years in training they are adequately equipped to handle any medical situation or emergency and you can therefore be sure that the patient will be in the best possible care.


What equipment and medications are on board the Air Ambulance 1 aircraft?

Our aircrafts are equipped standard and specialty medical equipment. They include ventilators, stretchers, cardiac monitors, oxygen, balloon pumps, intubation and suction equipment, IV and any other equipment that a patient may need.  Air Ambulance 1 aircrafts also have a wide array of antibiotics used to treat parasitic and bacterial infections.


How many medical personnel accompany the patient on the flight?

For every flight, two medical practitioners are present. Of the two one is either a critical care nurse or a physician. When necessary, assistants to a physician, percussionists, respiratory therapists and paramedics can be provided depending on the needs of the patient.


What kind of training/experience do they have?

Our health care providers at Air Ambulance 1 are air and board certified and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the field of providing emergency medication. All of our medical staff go through an intense session of orientation before they can fly with any patient. That’s not all though. They also take part in a 100 hours session of clinical and didactic training every year.  A comprehensive quality assessment is also done after a trip is complete.


What’s the meaning of bed-to-bed medical transport?

To give seamless medical attention, the team at Air Ambulance 1 stays beside the patient from the very onset. They will arrive at the bed of the patient from the sending hospital or facility. We will engage the staff at the sending hospital and assess the condition of the patient to make sure we are able to move them comfortably. The Air Ambulance 1 team then moves the patient to the airfield using a ground ambulance. The team is with the patient the whole time and they check the condition of the patient to make sure it he or she has all the support they need. Once they land, the medical team will still accompany the patient to the receiving facility or hospital. We furnish the medical team at the facility with information on the patient as recorded during the trip and make sure that they are in the known about the current state of the patient. At this juncture we have gone the full circle and having done this, we are sure that we have given the patient the best possible care.




Financial Questions

What forms of payment does Air Ambulance 1 accept?

The last thing one wants to worry and stress about during a medical emergency is the money issue. We take this burden off of your shoulders by working closely with each patient to come up with a pricing that makes most sense and is within your budget. That’s not all. We also accept different forms of payment all of which you can use at your convenience.

You can pay Air Ambulance 1 via:

·         Cash

·         Major credit cards

·         Money orders

·         Cashiers cheques

·         Bank wire transfers


Is there a more affordable alternative to air ambulance transport?

If the current situation of the patient is not dire and they are not in the critical stage, we can offer you other forms of transportation.  They include:

·         Ground Transportation.  We have the capabilities to move the patient from one point via a ground based ambulance that come complete with medical aides, drivers (2), medications and equipment.

·         Medical escort on a commercial flight. In such cases, a critical patient is in the company of an ICU or ER physician, a critical care paramedic or nurse and important medical equipment for the specific medical condition.

·         Airline stretchers for all commercial flights. This service is only available for international flights. We make all the arrangements with the airline on which rear passenger seats have to be to be removed to give enough space for the patient’s stretcher, medical equipment and personnel.


How much does Air Ambulance 1 Transport Cost?

Moving a patient using air ambulance isn’t cheap. That said, it is the fastest and safest way to move a critically ill or injured patient to a medical facility. At Air ambulance 1 we are focused on giving our patients the most effective modes of transportation and give quality medical care at the same time. Call 1(800) 424-9000 to get an instant quote for your specific needs.


Are all the costs captured in the quote?

Any quote that is prepared by Air Ambulance 1 includes the medical aides who will travel alongside the patient, the ambulance used on the ground, the flight team, the medicines and equipment to be used and the flight charges. If there are any other extra charges that come about as a result of extra needs for a patient they will be prepared before embarking on a flight and the patient will be given adequate notice of the same.




Insurance Questions

What is the meaning of “medical necessity”?

Question:  If a patient presents Air Ambulance 1 with a “letter of medical necessity” will it mean that his or her insurance provider will cater for the flight charges?

Answer: It is not always the case. In most cases, the contract is between your insurance provider, you and maybe your employer. The discretion is therefore left with the medical director at the company that has provided you the insurance cover.

This ideally means that the doctor who is treating you will inform you that you need a certain exam, procedure or service and the physician from the insurance company will tell you that you do not need one or two of the things that the treating doctor has recommended. When you are faced with such a situation, the legal team at Air Ambulance 1 can help iron out such issues for you.

It’s a good idea to seek an okay from your insurance company on air or ground ambulance services and give the same to the team at Air Ambulance 1 at the onset.


Does Air Ambulance 1 assist their patients in the filing of insurance documents?

Most providers of air and ground ambulance services will always claim to help patients with this important issue and then later you learn they do not. Not at Air Ambulance 1. We keep our word when it comes to this matter as we know how daunting the whole process can be.


Does my insurance cover air ambulance transportation?

In some cases yes and sometimes no. Different issues can affect whether or not air travel will be covered. Every patient has different needs from the other and the different situations cannot be looked at using the same formula. For you to get a definitive answer to this question you would have to speak to your flight coordinator or case manager.


Can you do anything to compel my insurance company to cater for the flight fees?

The legal team at Air Ambulance 1 will scrutinize your insurance policy before embarking on a flight and work with all medical personnel to increase the chances of it being covered by your insurance company. We will always go the extra mile and present the claim to your insurance company and we work extra hard to make sure you get the claim you deserve. We do this at no additional cost.




“Aircraft” Questions

Is there a limit to how much a patient and other people travelling with the patient can bring?

The ideal luggage is usually carry-on luggage. There is usually space for just two pieces of luggage or less. The obvious reason for this being the huge amount of space needed for the medical team and equipment. If a patient has other luggage they need moved, we can make arrangements for that to be moved but not on the same flight the patient is on.


How many family members can be on the same flight with the patient?

It will depend with the size of the aircraft, the number of medical personnel on the flight, the duration of the flight, the state of the patient and the medical equipment to be used during the flight.

On Gulfstream which is a big aircraft, up to 5 people can fly alongside the patient. If the aircraft is small as in the case of King Air, only 1 or 2 people can fly with the patient.


How do you choose the aircraft that will be used to fly the patient?

At Air Ambulance 1 we consider different things. They include the duration of the flight, the condition of the patient to be moved and the number of passengers who will accompany the patient. All of our aircrafts come fully fitted with medical equipment and a proficient medical team.


Are there meals during the flight?

Since we value the comfort of all on the flight, yes we do provide meals for the patient and family members on the flight. We do not have a diet restriction and we can provide special requests and diets.