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Selecting The Best Air Ambulance Service Provider

You have to think about many different things when choosing the ideal air ambulance service provider. You want one who can meet your needs and not compromise on the level of healthcare being provided. We’ve put together this guide to help you think about some of the items that should be considered when making this decision.

What You Are Searching For?  Ask yourself-

  • Selecting The Best Air Ambulance Service Provider

    Selecting The Best Air Ambulance Service Provider

    Will you be dealing with a middle-man or broker?

  • What are the qualifications of the brokers to whom this job will be outsourced to?
  • Will you be working with medical practitioners who are fully licensed and have complete understanding on all medical issues?
  • Has the middleman or broker seen the aircraft and the team who will be on the aircraft prior to offering this service to you? Are they privy to information regarding who is in control of the whole aircraft and the team who will fly in it?
  • Has the Air Ambulance Company had to deal with any safety and incident concerns or have they or are they facing any legal issues dating from past to present?
  • Is the Air Ambulance Company fully insured and licensed in the United States of America?
  • Has the Air Ambulance company being sued because of poor business practice or medical negligence issues?
  • Is the Air Ambulance Company a foreign one?
  • Does the crew on a foreign Air Ambulance Company registered and licensed to do their practice in the United States once they come into the country?
  • Does it pay out commissions to brokers located in foreign medical facilities and they transfer such costs to you?


The overall costs for using air ambulance services are often high and the figures will be different for the different service providers. Here are some of the questions that you can ask yourself when thinking about the costs you will incur.

  • What sort of Aircraft will they be availing for your use?
  • Do ground ambulance services part of the package that you are being offered?
  • Are they giving you an optional quote for a slower and smaller piston powered aircraft?
  • Are you charged extra for having a person accompany you on the same flight?
  • Who and who is part of the medical team you will be travelling with?
  • Does the quote cover everything or there some things you will have to pay for separately? Things such as fuel surcharges, specialized equipment, handling and landing fees, among others?


Another important thing to think about. Timing is critical especially in the event of emergencies. Because of this, you need to give careful consideration to just how soon the air Ambulance will come to the scene after they are called to come in.

Middle men often waste a lot of valuable time when looking for an aircraft that is available for dispatch and a team to accompany with the patient. As you choose your ideal air ambulance company ask yourself, “will they show up on time when they are called in to do so?”


It goes without saying that safety is key. More so in the business of air ambulance services. Keeping this in mind, make sure that know for a fact that the aircraft being offered is the best in your circumstance.

Some air ambulance service providers will fly an aircraft over long distances and fail to re-fuel them while other providers will offer you a smaller aircraft that flies slowly and need to stop often to be re-fueled. Remember, Time is Everything when it comes to saving lives.

Other aircrafts are not pressurized meaning they cannot fly in certain weather conditions. It is an important factor to think about especially if the patient is battling unique medical conditions.


Last but not least, one has to compare the different services being offered by the different air ambulance companies. Some companies that purport to offer air ambulance services will outsource their jobs to aircrafts they don’t know too well and third party medical practitioners and flight attendants.

Other companies will offer just the air transportation while leaving out the ground ambulance services while others will offer you both of these services.

Look through your quote to see what it covers and what fees are included. You cannot overlook this issue. It is very important to know who will offer you what services and what scope the services cover.


  • Talk to your insurance service provider about whether they will reimbusre you for services. If not, find out if the air ambulance provider offers reimbusrement services
  • Find out how much background information they have conducted on the same.
  • Get to know if they work with an Air Ambulance Company that has been involved in an incident or accident.
  • Air Ambulance 1 has set the bar when it comes to adhering to safety standards as well as offering superior medical care and timely movement from one place to another.