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Empty Leg Program

Air Ambulance 1 Specializes in Saving You Money!

The idea behind the Empty Leg Program is the fact that most patients require a one way flight but get charged for the complete round trip. The Empty Leg Program was developed in order to find a second patient who will use the same aircraft to return to the same or similar originating route. By utilizing this system, our customers can save up to 50% off of their quoted price.

Discount Empty Leg Programs

In order to qualify and join the Empty Leg Program and save up to 50% off of the quoted price, we require our clients to provide us with their complete travel information, patient medical status, financial information and at least a 7 day window within which they can fly. Providing this information, allows us to offer the second leg of the flight to many other potential clients and as soon as one is ready to book a flight, we can then apply the discount and be ready to go.

Air Ambulance 1 has weekly empty leg flight listings and if you would like to receive an update of the empty leg flights offered, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

For immediate assistance please call our 24/7 dispatch center and give our Flight Coordinators advanced notice of the date you wish to travel. By contacting our Flight Coordinators you will be able to maximize your chances for Air Ambulance 1 to find another patient to share the cost of your flight.