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Commercial Stretcher Services

Air Ambulance 1 works with a network & of commercial airlines who are able to provide global transportation at an affordable price. For patients who qualify, we can offer this service by utilizing a commercial stretcher bed service on a commercial airliner. This is a cost effective alternative that can save thousands of dollars compared to a private air ambulance service, yet you still receive the highest level of care.

Air Ambulance 1 Commercial Stretcher Services

This service works by removing a block of unoccupied seats in an aircraft such as a Boeing 777/747 or an Airbus A320. After removing seats, an FAA approved airline commercial stretcher bed is installed to accommodate the patient’s medical travel needs. In addition to removing a block of seats, a privacy curtain will be set up to ease any anxiety and nervousness of traveling with passengers sitting nearby in standard seats. We understand traveling by means of a commercial stretcher service is difficult enough, considering everything a patient is already going through. Having this privacy reduces unnecessary fear. For additional comfort, the area within this privacy section is also equipped with power outlets & and two seats for the medical escort staff. The patient is never alone during any portion of the transport.

This is just one example of how Air Ambulance 1 exceeds in its services compared to its competitors. We truly care for each and every client and offer advantages in every aspect of the flight process to ensure the least stressful transport possible. For more details on our overall advantages as a AAA rated air ambulance company please click here to learn more.

Our Commercial Stretcher Services Procedures

The medical equipment will be brought on board the aircraft in order to provide the patient with the appropriate care during the commercial flight. Some commercial airline transports may require a stop or a change of aircraft, in this instance a special room is assigned at the airport for our critical escort team and patient. During this time our Flight Coordination department will monitor the progress of the flight and update family members and hospital staff. One of the major advantages of a commercial stretcher service is that a commercial airliner can offer a longer flight without stops, as well as the option for many family members to accompany the patient and be by their side. Upon arrival at the airport, you can expect minimal wait time due to advanced planning.

For most of the major cities in the world (Domestic & International ) we may offer an Intensive Care Unit transport which is called a PTC. This patient transport unit is an actual hospital style Intensive Care Unit. This option allows us to transport patients in any condition worldwide. In cases where the patients condition is severe, a PTC may be the preferred way of transporting critical patients.

For more information on the Commercial Stretcher option, or to inquire about our top of the line PTC unit, please feel free to contact us or by calling us at 1(800)424-9000.