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Emergency Organ Transport Services

Emergency Organ Transport Services are available for situations when it is more feasible to bring the donor organ to the member recipient. The Air Ambulance 1 Emergency Organ Transport Services team are able to pick up an organ transplant and transfer it to the destination 24/7, 365 days a year.

transplant-mainWhile you can never know the actual date and time a transplant will take place, our Emergency Organ Transport Service will ensure that at least three different aircraft will be available for their mission. When you or your loved one is a transplant candidate, every minute counts and we recommend contacting us as soon as possible in order to sign up and get pre-approved for the Emergency Organ Transport Service.

Our Emergency Organ Transport Services include setting up and providing pricing on several different aircraft types, getting all the origin and destination information and collecting all the medical records of the patient. Then, when the times comes, by utilizing one of the fastest jets available, we can minimize the wait and allow the transplant team to arrive at their final destination on time. This is where our motto “SAVING TIME … SAVING LIVES” comes from.

To inquire about Air Ambulance 1’s Emergency Organ Transport Services, please contact our 24/7 dispatch center at 1(800)424-9000 or by contacting us online or chatting with a “Live” Operator.