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Commercial Stretcher

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Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

limited to international travel only, this service is simply putting a stretcher inside a regular commercial aircraft along with a critical medical team in order to transport a patient, it is a cost-effective alternative that can save patients and families thousands of dollars compared to the cost of a private air ambulance (international, worldwide, or domestic) service, yet our customers and patients still receive the highest level of care.

Our private team of medical professionals accompanies the patient and his or her family from start to finish, from the transfer at the original medical facility to set-up and intake at the new location and along with the airport terminal and inside the commercial flight.

The same healthcare providers are with you for the entire process, attentive to each step of the service.

How the Commercial Stretcher Process Works?

This service is made possible by our ambulance specialists removing a block of 6-12 seats in a commercial airline jet aircraft, such as a Boeing 777/747/787 or an Airbus A320 to make room for the patient’s bed.

After removing the appropriate seats, an FAA-approved airline commercial stretcher bed is installed in this space to safely accommodate the patient’s medical travel in a way that meets both regulatory and medical standards.

We then secure the area with a privacy curtain and set up our equipment alongside the stretcher, the medical team will have their seats adjacent to the stretcher so they can monitor the patient throughout the flight.

Commercial stretcher cost a third of the price of traditional air ambulance

More Family Members and Luggage

One of the most common requests for a traditional air ambulance is the need for family members and or friends to join the patient on his journey, a request that is mostly limited to 1 or 2 companions due to the jet capacity.

When traveling on a commercial airline the companion number has no limit, the family members are able to book their seats in economy or business class and may visit with the patient during the flight.

Additionally, most patients and passengers require excess luggage for such travel, on private jets the amount of space is limited, but obviously in a commercial airline, you are allowed to bring more luggage and even pay for an additional suitcase.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services
International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Less Stop – Faster Flight

One of the advantages of choosing a commercial airline stretcher over a traditional air ambulance service is the fact that on long-distance flights, the airline jet has a much longer non-stop range than a small-size jet.

As an example, a sixteen hours flight on a light jet will require at least three technical stops for refueling the aircraft, while the commercial airliner will be able to provide the same route direct and non-stop.

Additionally, the airliner is so much bigger than the common air ambulance jet that the flight is less likely to be affected by weather conditions and provides a very smooth and comfortable experience for the patient and family as one.

We truly care for each and every client as if they were a part of our own family

A Different Approach to Medical Flights

By offering our clients several types of services, we can save them money, and time, and get their loved ones to their destinations knowing that they choose the best service for their needs. Here are the steps taking place when you choose the commercial airliner stretcher option.

Coordinate the Flight

Upon booking, our flight coordinators will contact the proper airline and secure the requested date of service. Once booked, the patient’s MD will be required to fill in a form for the airline to approve the patient’s flight.

Preparing the Cabin

We remove a block of unoccupied seats in the commercial aircraft to make room for the patient stretcher. Usually, it takes anywhere from 6-12 seats to make the proper space ready for the flight.

Stretcher Installation

An FAA-approved airline Commercial stretcher bed is installed securely into place in the area where the seating has been removed. We aim to ensure the least stressful transport possible. You’ve already been through enough!

Facilitate & Transfer

Upon arrival at the airport with the ground ambulance crew, our team will transport the patient through the appropriate custom and immigration location and then directly onto the aircraft stretcher for the flight.


We’re by Your Side Each Step of the Way

For additional comfort, the area within this separate privacy section is also equipped with power outlets & and two seats for the medical escort staff to stay with the patient at all times.

The patient is never alone during any portion of the transport; the very same medical professionals accompany you or your loved one for the entire medical flight procedure.

Our clients value our expertise and the outstanding level of patient care, as well as our commitment to service that goes above and beyond normal industry standards.

Advantages and Options

One of the major advantages of a commercial stretcher service is that a commercial airliner can offer longer legs of international flight without stops and layovers… as well as the option for many family members to accompany the patient and be by their side the entire time. Upon arrival at the airport, you can expect minimal wait time due to advanced planning and medical priority.

The Patient Transportation Compartment (PTC) is available in most of the major cities in the world, this patient transport unit is an actual hospital-style Intensive Care Unit that is mobile for critical care cases, the PTC may be the only way of transporting such patients.

Common Questions

What should you expect during a commercial medical flight? Essentially, it’s just like being on a regular commercial flight, but the medical equipment and medical team will be on board the aircraft in order to provide the patient with the appropriate care during the flight.

What about layovers? Some commercial airline transports may require a stop or a change of aircraft. In this instance, in most cases, a special room is assigned at the airport for our critical medical team and our patient. During this time, our Flight Coordination department will monitor the progress of the flight and update family members and hospital staff as to any changes.

To see if your flight qualifies for the commercial stretcher service call us now

FAA-approved aircraft medical stretchers

Air Ambulance 1 uses FAA-approved lightweight, quick-change aircraft medical stretchers that are user-friendly and provide exceptional patient comfort, you won’t feel the normal cramp or lack of privacy that’s common with conventional airline seating.

The seats are always installed before the flight so when our team arrives at the airport the airliner is ready for the journey, additionally, the airline may let our crew and patient board the aircraft before any passengers do in order to keep the patient safe and comfortable.

Oxygen capability

During the flight we may utilize up to 50 PSI of control-regulated oxygen with a quick connection to a ventilator, respirator, or to a regular oxygen line offering a flow range of up to 15 liters per minute – this varies by the airline and by the route of your choice.

Besides access to the airliner oxygen, we may bring an approved portable oxygen concentrator as a backup,  this added layer of safety enables us to help maintain a clear airway for the patient, of course, other medical equipment may also be needed to ensure the patient’s safety.

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