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Medical Plans

Air Ambulance 1

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Medical Flight Price Reduction Programs

In addition to offering traditional critical care air ambulance services, we also offer affordable programs that make choosing Air Ambulance 1 the best choice for your budget.

These programs assist customers by offering a reduction in normal prices by using our Empty Leg Program or Discounted Flights service.

We also provide assistance with coordinating insurance reimbursements which take away the added burden and stress from the customer and allows us to take care of filing and processing medical insurance claims on your behalf.

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Reduced Fees. Better Care.

We specialize in multiple services for a wide variety of patients.

We operate the most advanced medical equipment and aircraft to and from thousands of destinations around the world each year. As a result, we have mastered the complex variables that go into planning and executing a flawless critical transport, which allows us to ease unexpected financial surprises to our clients through the careful planning process.

In addition to our unique reduced price programs which make it easier for our air ambulance worldwide customers to afford our services, we offer many other advantages to choosing Air Ambulance 1 that separates us from the rest of the competition.

Our commitment to exceptional service and medical care goes above and beyond normal industry standards. Whether you’re on vacation in another country, waiting on an organ transplant, or a foreign dignitary who needs immediate VIP air ambulance services, we’re equipped to assist you.

Air Ambulance 1 is one of the most experienced and trusted private air ambulance flight service in the world. We have successfully operated numerous critical care air ambulance flights both domestically and internationally. No matter where you are, we can help you get to where you need to be. By saving you valuable time, we can help save lives.


Air Ambulance 1 Advantage

In addition to our unique reduced price programs which make it easier for our air ambulance worldwide customers to afford our services,

we offer many other advantages to choosing Air Ambulance 1 that separates us from the rest of the competition:

Worldwide Network Alliance

Since we Lease and Broker Aircraft, that means we operate our own planes. Our Flight Coordinators are trained to provide clients with additional jets located closer to the patient’s origin, saving you precious time and money by providing the aircraft that meets your needs at the time of service.

It’s just one of the ways we help save lives when time matters most.

Superior Quality Care & Treat Patients Like Family

Air Ambulance 1′s Management Team has handheld over 200,000 successful patient transports via Air and Ground Ambulance.

While it’s likely the first time for you to experience a medical flight transfer, it’s something we do on a daily basis. You’re in good hands!

Multiple Plane Choices

Air Ambulance 1 has more than 15 different planes to offer. Twin-Prop, Jet-Prop, small Jets, medium size Jets, large Jets, and even commercial Jets.

These planes can support up to 5 patients and more than 12 family members.

24/7 Dispatch Center

We have private flight coordinators working closely with major and private airports around the world so that your medical flight can be successful and efficient as possible, with more direct flights and less time spent waiting on transfers.

Multiple Language Support and Multilingual Flight Coordinators

In a time you need Air Ambulance, and you’re not speaking English, Rest Assure that when needed, our flight coordinators department is able to communicate in over 12 languages.

Advanced Medical Equipment

Each aircraft is equipped with advanced medical equipment such as Cardiac Monitor, IV Pump, Bi- pap & C-pap Vents, Transport Incubator, Med Pac & Aerodynamic Stretchers.

The information collected from some of these equipment devices can be printed and supplied to the ground team so the receiving physician may continue treatment.

Instant Online Quotes & Consistent Management from Quote to Invoice

We’re the first and only air ambulance company to offer no-pressure quotes online to prospective patients.

You can find out what your costs will be instant, without any commitments. Check it out here.

Medical Billing Department

Medical services are very expensive, especially when it comes to something complex like an air ambulance international/worldwide event.

But it’s still something you can’t afford to live without. Therefore, we have a specialized medical billing department that is trained to pre-authorize or bill your medical flights with most insurance companies, reducing any out of pocket expenses upon your behalf. Some of the carriers that our patients frequently work with include Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, CIGNA, Humana, and many more.

If you do not see your insurance carrier listed, please let us know and we will be happy to let you know if arrangements can be made. We also handle all aspects of Insurance Reimbursement as well, including claims processing and follow-up. Learn more about our Insurance Reimbursement services here.

Supervised Trip from Start to Finish by Our Specialty Critical Care Staff

We employ over 30 medical personals that specialize in Neonatal and Pediatric Transports, Severe Burns Medical Flights, and critical care vent patients.

During the transport, there is continuous medical monitoring with Bed to Bed Care. Learn more about our Medical Team.

No matter what your needs are, we can put your mind at ease

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    We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


    Air Ambulance 1 – CEO