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Medical Team

Air Ambulance 1

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Our Medical Flight Teams Are Focus-Driven and Compassionate

Our medical flight personnel is your ICU team in the sky. We save time, save lives, and take care of the details when there are more important things on our minds.

Each one of our crew receives extensive training and has years of experience in both critical and emergency medical care long before they ever join our team. After becoming a part of Air Ambulance 1, We continue the rigorous training to ensure that our medical experts are the top-trained in the industry. After all, our patients deserve it.

Our Crew Gets Extensive Training and Has Years of Experience in Critical and Emergency Medical Care

Flight Paramedic

Flight Paramedics are trained to provide emergency medical care using IV therapy, 12 lead monitoring, ventilator machines, oxygen therapy, and various pain-relieving medications as necessary. After all, our medical flight domestic and international crews need to be ready for anything and everything.

Our Paramedics are able to treat any medical emergency whether on the ground or in the sky, as all were trained via 911 services. This experience guarantees our medics are prepared for any extreme circumstances and are able to provide for all of our client’s medical needs. No matter what medical crisis you’re experiencing, our professionals have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that you’re looked after in the best way possible.

Paramedics play a key part in our bed-to-bed transfer process, as each patient is accompanied from the pickup location to the destination medical facility by our team. Whether it’s in the sky or part of the ground crew meeting our air ambulance, only the most committed and experienced paramedics will be at your side.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services
International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Critical Care Nurse

Critical Care Nurses are specially trained RNs who understand the many different circumstances that can occur while in the air. Many different factors affect patients at high altitudes, such as pressure changes and the makeup of the atmosphere. It’s why we don’t just let any “professional” join our team…only the ones who have a unique understanding and experience with treating and handling patients in a medical flight transfer.

Our nurses are able to handle any of these situations and can initiate emergency treatment for a critically ill or unstable patient when a physician is not available. Critical Care Nurses are able to operate cardiac monitoring systems, mechanical ventilator therapy, IV pumps, and many other advanced life support devices. Being that each one of our medical airline fleets is equipped as an “ICU” in the sky, it’s vital to have only the highest training and strict protocols for each nurse that we call a part of our team.

Whether it’s you being transported, your spouse, a client, or a child…our nurses will always have our patient’s health, comfort, and best interests in mind. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Our Nurses Will Always Have Our Patients’ Health, Comfort, and Best Interests In Mind

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Therapists treat all types of patients, ranging from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to elderly people with lung disease. When breathing or oxygenation is a concern, our therapists know how to manage respiratory and ventilator equipment at a high altitude when precious lives matter. They provide treatment, evaluation, monitoring, and management of patients with breathing disorders or cardiovascular problems.

Respiratory Therapists work side by side with the flight nurse during transport and provide advanced airway and/or ventilator management for neonatal, pediatric, and adult critical care patients. Like the rest of our air ambulance team, you’ll be accompanied by the same medical professionals from the beginning of your transfer to the final stop of your domestic or international relocation.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services
International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Pediatric Specialist

Precious young lives require extra TLC when it comes to a complex air ambulance transfer. Fortunately, the process can be life-changing. By saving time, we save lives…including those of thousands of children throughout the United States and abroad.

The medical needs of children during an air ambulance flight require a specialized team with expert knowledge of how their small bodies function under stress. Children’s bodies respond differently than adults and often require different treatments for the same conditions an adult might have.

Our Pediatric Team has advanced training and experience that prepares them to give children the unique medical care and attention that they need. We take extra precautions when transporting your little one so that not a single detail is left out.

We Take Extra Precautions When Transporting Your Little Loved Ones So That Not a Single Detail is Left Out

Flight Doctor

A flight doctor is a licensed physician who is highly trained in aero-medicine and flight physiology and is able to provide all levels of medical care in the air.

Flight doctors are available for Air Ambulance 1 patient in extreme medical necessity cases, who require a higher level of care. Each of our flight doctors is able to arrive at the departing destination and provide a bedside assessment of the patient prior to transport. They will also provide the receiving hospital with a full medical report upon the arrival and intake process.

Advanced notice is required for such a flight doctor to be booked on your flight, as not all medical flight patients require a physician (most are adequately cared for by a critical care nurse.) In some cases, Air Ambulance 1 will allow your own personal medical doctor to join as a second doctor on your flight.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

We’ve served over 200,000 patients in the past 15 years, with many more to come

Join Our Team. Save Lives

At Air Ambulance one, we save time and save lives in a compassionate, understanding manner. But we also hold our team members to extremely high standards when it comes to medical care.

Through rigorous training and ongoing professional development, we continue to help set the bar in regard to industry standards for air ambulance crews.

We’re Always Looking For Talent

If you’re Considered to be an Excellent Medical provider, Flight Coordinator, Emergency Medical Service Talent, Nurse, or Doctor Who loves what you do, Take Pride in your profession and Simply love to help people and save lives.

Please send us your resume and we will be happy to have you in our family of Air Ambulance 1.

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    We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


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