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Insurance Reimbursement

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Overview of Insurance Reimbursement

When you need fast air ambulance or medical flight services, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not it’s going to be covered under your medical insurance.

At Air Ambulance 1, our insurance coordinators assist our patients and clientele to maneuver this sometimes confusing process of who pays for what.

Benefits of Air Ambulance 1 Insurance Reimbursement Process

Much like a trip to your doctor’s office, our procedures allow our Flight Coordinators to collect minimal insurance information before the flight takes place & then once the flight is completed we will gather all of the additional required documents in order to submit a claim to your insurance company.

Please note that we cannot submit a formal claim for benefits until we have this information on hand. If you are able to give us a copy of your insurance card or can collect the contact information from your Human Resources department at your place of employment, this is a good place to start.

Domestic air ambulance patients will also need to include a date of birth and social security number in order for the claim to the processed with your insurance carrier.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services
International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Pre-Verification of Benefits

While it is recommended to have our Medical Billing Department obtain prior authorization for your air ambulance flight through your insurance company, it is not always possible due to time limitations and urgent patient transport needs.

However, if you are planning a medical flight or air ambulance worldwide service and have at least a bit of advance notice, we highly recommend contacting us so that we can collect your policy information prior to the patient transfer.

Fortunately, Air Ambulance 1 has developed the insurance reimbursement process to perform the steps necessary to get air ambulance insurance reimbursements after the transport has taken place.

So, if you need immediate assistance but do not have access to insurance information until afterward, it is not a problem for us to continue to assist you in your urgent medical flight needs.

We provide air ambulance insurance reimbursements, and if necessary, we will fight for your money!

Which Insurance Plans Does Air Ambulance 1 Accept?

Air Ambulance 1 works with all types of private medical insurance companies and most large carriers, such as:

Don’t see your insurance on the list?

Even if you do not see your particular carrier listed, we can likely assist you with the claims and reimbursement process.

This enables us to serve our clients without the added financial strain of worrying whether or not your insurance carrier will help cover a domestic or international medical flight.

We’ll Verify Your Coverage

Our Billing Department will contact the insurance company directly on your behalf and verify benefits for air ambulance services. If benefits are available, we will follow insurance guidelines to obtain authorization if required.

If we receive payment from the insurance company, we will issue you a refund for the amount that you have paid for our services. It’s just like filing a claim with your doctor or dentist. Having your coverage information upfront can help us to avoid any unexpected expenses during the services we provide.

Saves up to 50% of quoted price

What sets us apart? We Don’t Give Up!

Medical claims are rejected on an everyday basis – and not always for appropriate reasons. Sometimes all that is necessary is a doctor writing a letter stating that the service was medically necessary, or that the services couldn’t be rendered elsewhere. Resubmitting claims is a typical part of medical care and insurance coverage.

Should the insurance company deny payment of our air ambulance claim for any reason, our Billing Department will begin the appeal process. Other companies often shove the responsibility onto the patients and never issue a refund. However, our experts will fight for you.

We will review the claim and obtain additional records and documentation if needed to support your coverage needs. Rest assured, we will do everything possible to make sure you receive the benefits you are entitled to in the most timely manner possible.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Other companies often shove the responsibility onto the patients and never issue a refund. However, our experts will fight for you

One Less Burden for Our Clients

In times of crisis, a medical emergency that results in the need for an air ambulance worldwide or domestic transfer can be emotionally and mentally straining to you and your family. We understand this, and it’s just one of the reasons why we help our patients fight for insurance coverage that they deserve.

Most air ambulance companies do not make any attempts to recover your money, because they deem it’s “not their problem” but rather the patient. We realized this problem many years ago and have turned this issue into one of our most recognizable and beneficial client service offerings. It’s something that truly sets Air Ambulance 1 apart from the rest of our medical flight competitors. Why? Because we understand that money matters just as much as getting great care in times of a medical crisis.

Having explained our services and the reality of other companies’ lack of customer support it is important to take this unique feature offered by Air Ambulance 1 into consideration when making your choice. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact a Flight Coordinator at 1(800)424-9000 or if you have detailed questions about our process, we can let you talk directly with someone in our Medical Billing Department to explain any steps you may need more clarification on.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Feel free to contact a Flight Coordinator at 1(800)424-9000 or if you have detailed questions about our process

Air Ambulance 1 Experience

Here you can see a walkthrough of the process of insurance reimbursement

Prior to Your Flight

Our flight coordinators collect essential insurance information from our patient or a close family member.

When Flight is Completed

Insurance coordinators gather additional documentation and submit the medical insurance claim to your carrier.


Once the reimbursement/benefit payment is received from your insurance company, you will be reimbursed for the amount paid to us (120 days grace period).

If the Claim Denied?

Most air ambulance and medical flight companies don’t press the issue and leave it up to patients to collect their benefits - We Don't!

We don’t give up

At Air Ambulance 1 we fight for our patients’ coverage on all services rendered.
We’ll do whatever it takes to help you receive reimbursement for benefits covered under your plan.

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