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Medical Escort

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Overview of Medical Escort Services

A commercial airline medical escort includes bedside to bedside transfer of your loved one along with a critical care nurse or paramedic that is trained to travel with patients on commercial flights.

From picking you up at your origin facility to coordinating travel and finally arriving to your destination facility, Air Ambulance 1 is with you each step of the way.

This service is excellent for patients who are Oxygen Dependent, Wheelchair Bound, and/or Elderly Patients needing assistance.

Who can be a Candidate for Medical Escort

Patients who are in stable condition and are able to sit stand or walk with assistance and for clients who are in a stable condition that they are able to be seated up in a commercial airline seat during takeoff and landing.

With these types of medical flight options, we’re able to affordably transfer patients on a commercial airliner instead of a privately chartered jet and at the same time we provide the essential medical and healthcare provider support that you would receive in a regular air ambulance flight.

Air Ambulance 1 professional team is with you every step of the way

Where can i fly using Medical Escort Services?

Air Ambulance 1 offers medical escort services to any destination worldwide, weather if your loved one is sick abroad or needing to be transported domestically – our team is ready to bring them to their final destination.

In most cases we may provide medical oxygen to our patients through an Airliner Approved Oxygen Concentration such as the state-of-the-art SeQual Eclipse 5 or through the airline approved system.

While our Critical Care Medical Escort Team is limited to using ICU equipment on a commercial airliner, we can still provide basic IV therapy, suction, oxygen and in some cases cardiac monitoring.

These types of escorts are best for patients who are in stable or non-critical condition. If you require more extensive monitoring or treatment during the medical escort experience, it may be more appropriate to book you on one our Air Ambulance or Commercial Airline Stretcher services.

Our Medical Escort department is available 24/7 year round

What type cabin class would the this be in?

Air Ambulance one is strictly booking medical escort services on either Business or First class cabin, obviously these cabin in booked when available for the patient route and date of flight.

It is important for us to have the patient in the most comfortable seat possible as he is already going through difficult time through his treatment.

When booking these type of cabin, we also enjoy priority check in, additional luggage and excess weight which make the mission faster and more comfortable for both medical personal and the patient.

On most international routes we will also get upgraded to a full bed, keeping the patient reclined and rested through most of the flight, the only time that he may need to be seated up is during take of and landing.

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How the Medical Escort Process Works

Booking Flight
Booking Flight

After you have signed the contract and provided your information, the flight coordinator that is assigned to your flight shall prepare and coordinate the mission.

Flight coordination
Flight coordination

we will then arrange ground transportation as well as an expedited check-in process for both the patient and the family members at the origin and destination airports.


Additional seating on the commercial airline aircraft allows us to accommodate as many family members as needed during the medical escort process.

Day of Flight
Day of Flight

The Critical Care Medical Escort Nurse shall accompany the patient bedside to bedside, providing complete medical attention to the patient needs.

Medical Escort on a commercial airliner can accommodate as many family members as needed

The advantages of choosing Medical Escort?

The concept of Medical Escort Services came from the need to provide transportation services to patients who are not able to afford the cost of private or conventional air ambulance services.

Some of them either do not have insurance coverage or are stable enough that it would be unnecessary to charter a private flight for their needs,  our Flight Coordinators are well trained in assisting our patients and their families with finding creative solutions to meet their needs and budget.

Air Ambulance 1 prides itself on being able to find innovative solutions to our client’s travel needs. If a medical escort services option isn’t the best choice for you, be sure to ask about our Air Ambulance service.

Priority Check in

One of the advantages of using our Medical Escort services for a domestic or worldwide flight is that you will enjoy expedited check-in services at the airport, along with ongoing support from our Flight Coordination department, you might consider these to be extra “perks” that the conventional flight customer doesn’t have access to.

An assigned Flight Coordinator will track the progress of your flight from beginning to end and can even arrange for private areas to be set aside at the airport if there is any need to wait for a long layover.

Should any delay arise, the appropriate arrangements will be made to ensure a safe and comfortable travel plan for the patient, our Flight Coordinators work closely with airport staff to ensure that our high-need medical clients are given priority status for transfers, seating, etc

What if I have to lay-down and can’t afford Air Ambulance Service?

If you or the patient cannot sit in standard airline seats, you may want to consider our commercial stretcher option, this alternative allows a medical crew and stretcher to be set up in a private curtained-off area on board of a commercial airline flight, the FAA approved medical stretcher is securely installed in an area where commercial seats have been removed from.

What to expect from this service

When flying a commercial airline we can take advantage of booking your flight in either Business or First Class.

This added advantage makes a medical escort transport more comfortable and relaxing for the patient, in addition to providing extra space for medical devices (such as oxygen tanks or IVs) as well as for our healthcare professionals to have enough room to attend the patient.

Even if you usually do not book airfare in First Class or Business, this service is much more affordable to our clients who need to find an alternative to traditional medical flight transfers in a private jet.

Room for Your Family & Luggage

While flying a private air ambulance jet has a limited capability in the amount of passenger’s it can handle, a medical escort on a commercial airliner can accommodate as many family members as needed.

This way, a single flight is needed rather than the group being spread out over multiple airlines, additionally the patient can bring more luggage in Business and first class cabin.

Our flight coordinators will assist in everything from arranging appropriate medical staff to booking tickets for the guests accompanying the patient on the trip.

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    We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


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