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Empty Leg Program

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Empty Leg Program

If you’re looking for an air ambulance you may be searching for the best price you can find. While you really need the most reliable and highest quality, we understand that sometimes you have to find a good deal.

Air Ambulance 1 has you covered with the highest quality medical flights and some creative ways to keep your costs low! Many times, patients only need a one-way flight but get charged for the entire round trip.  Air Ambulance 1 saw the need to provide a way to correct this imbalance.  With some innovative thinking, we developed the Empty Leg Program.

How Does The Empty Leg Program Work?

Our available air ambulances have to return to their originating airport at the end of a trip. During the return trip, the ambulance is empty.

The Empty Leg Program was developed to save our clients money. We make every effort to match a second patient who will use the same aircraft to return to the same origin or very close to the origin. Using this system helps both customers save up to 50% off of their quoted price.

For example, if we’re sending a jet to pick up an air ambulance patient in a particular town or state, then fly them to a hospital or medical facility near you, our jet will already be in your vicinity and empty.

If you happen to need to be transferred via air ambulance back to the origin city of our jet, you can receive medical air transport with the Air Ambulance 1 program for 50% off the usual cost of services.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

The Empty Leg Program Was Developed To Save Our Clients Money

Are There Qualifications?

There are a few requirements to join the Empty Leg Program When you meet the requirements, you can save up to 50% off of the round-trip price!

To qualify, you must provide the following information, Supplying this information early allows us to offer the second leg of the flight to many other potential clients.

As soon as another client is ready to book a flight, we can then apply the discount for both parties and be ready to go! Air Ambulance 1 maintains weekly empty leg flight listings online.

Complete travel information Complete travel information where you are coming from and traveling to. If possible, provide this information as soon as you are able to, so that our flight coordinators can route air ambulance jet flights as appropriate.
Patient medical status Patient medical status so we can determine what type of flight and staffing is required. We may need to arrange for additional physicians or nursing staff, depending on the severity of your medical needs.
Financial information Financial information we need your insurance policy info in order to preauthorize your medical flight. That way you’re not caught by surprise when it comes to whether or not (or how much) your medical policy will help pay for the medical flight.
At least a 7-day window within which they can fly At least a 7-day window within which they can fly the more time before your flight that you register, the greater possibility of a match with another patient whose flight needs coincide with yours.

You Can Receive Medical Air Transport With The Air Ambulance 1 Program for 50% off the Usual Cost of Services

Let’s Get Started

Ready to begin the process? Contact our 24/7 dispatch center today! With advance notice of your travel dates, our Flight Coordinators will start working to find a match for the other leg of your trip.

The earlier you contact our Flight Coordinators the more you will be able to maximize your chances for Air Ambulance 1 to find another patient to share the cost of your flight.

Regardless of whether you need a domestic or international air ambulance, a commercial stretcher, or a medical escort, we will be glad to register you for our Empty Leg program and help your transportation be more affordable.

Saving Money. Saving Time. Saving Lives.

Yes, our empty leg program can save you 50% on air ambulance domestic and air ambulance international flights.

But it also allows our medical flight team to work in an efficient manner that better serves the needs of our patients around the world.

The faster we’re able to transfer our crisis and urgent care patients, the better their outcome will be. Time isn’t just about money…it’s also about saving lives and better serving the needs of our patients.

At Air Ambulance 1, we are committed to providing top of the line services and also to giving our clients the best pricing available

Making It Easier For Our Customers

Not only does Air Ambulance 1 offer an Empty Leg Program, but we also track and offer flights that have been discounted for various reasons.

There are a number of reasons a flight could be empty for one leg: one of our associates is scheduled to travel to a specific destination for business purposes or a specific aircraft may be required at another location.

When this happens, we are able to offer discounted flights. These offerings change all the time, but we keep them updated on our discounted flight calendar for your convenience. You can continue checking back on the site to see what new discounted flights are available. If you have any questions about these fares, our Flight Coordinators are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Plus, we’re happy to help you fight for the insurance benefits that you deserve. Our medical flight team is an expert at filing, processing, and fighting claims with your medical insurance company.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services
International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Taking Care Of You

Air Ambulance transfer can be a costly but necessary proposition. With numerous options for aircraft, destinations, and discounted fares, it’s clear that Air Ambulance 1 is your best option for medical flights.

We work with your insurance company to get the most out of your benefits and accept most major credit cards as payment. You can get a quote or begin your arrangements with just a phone call.

Our domestic or international lines are always open for you to speak with a Flight Coordinator; why not call today!

Request A Quote

Fill in your information and one of our flight coordinators will contact you as soon as possible to start a new quote.


    We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


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