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Our Team

Air Ambulance 1




Director & Aviation Specialist


Sharon has been a Director and Aviation Specialist in the Air Ambulance business for over 16 years, his dedication and knowledge of the medical & Aviation industry allow him to concentrate on instituting new and efficient ways to better manage all of the day-to-day operations.

With several base locations and numerous part-time and full-time employees under his supervision, he applies his management skills and years of experience to constantly improve the way Air Ambulance 1 services are delivered to their patients.

The Aviation side of the company is controlled by Sharon who is responsible to lease, purchase, and/or contract the proper aircraft that will be used on our day-to-day missions.

Along with his honorable service in the army and extensive corporate experience, Sharon has contributed a great deal to the ongoing growth of the air ambulance industry and Air Ambulance 1’s success as a whole.

Under his experience, Sharon managed for over 9 years one of the largest ground ambulance companies in Texas. The company was successful and a pioneer in their industry during his years of leading them and this experience led him to the Air Ambulance industry.



Director & Executive Marketing Manager


Albert has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing, as well as over 25 years of experience in the medical field. He has spent the last 16 years specializing in the air and ground ambulance industry.

During this time, Albert has acquired contracts with some of the top hospitals in the United States, he has a first-class reputation for providing courteous and professional marketing services to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care facilities, and private patients.

Albert has traveled extensively throughout the world and is fluent in five languages.

His huge experience and knowledge help our company to educate many facilities and corporations about the services and advantages we hold.

When it comes to mentality and human relations, Albert is definitely a leader, with a history of living in 5 different countries for the past 40 years, he has learned to work with different types of cultures and people.

Although Marketing is Albert’s passion, he is well-trained as a flight coordinator and a lead Director that oversees the day-to-day operation and makes sure that the company standards match his clients’ expectations.






Director Of Marketing


Ronen joined our team in order to be able to reach more and more hospitals and clinics nationwide, his dedication and hard work are incredible as he constantly travels from state to state.

Director of Marketing is never an easy job and thanks to years of experience in the field, he is able to overcome the obstacles and present our service to so many places nationwide.

When visiting a new facility, Ronen is the type of person to bring them the ease of mind and confidence that they can trust Air Ambulance 1 with their patients.

We participate in many venues throughout the year and Ronen is there every step of the way to represent our company in the utmost professional way.

His 20 years of experience along with high education and military service make him a great Director that is a pleasure to work with.






Director of Media Production


In this day and age, no company can operate without a talented Director of Media & Production, it is a must to stay updated on the day-to-day technologies and as a company that leads by example, it is a necessity.

Our company strives for perfection and made a decision years ago to pursue the newest and most advanced digital tools in order to continue and grow in our industry.

Leslie is exactly what any strong company needs in order to compete and advertise on the online scope of social marketing, search engine optimization, website development, and such.

She has an amazing talent for what she does and a great attitude along with the utmost professional work environment making it a privilege to work with her.

It is amazing that she has over 20 years of experience in working online with legal companies, Lawyers, Online venues, advertising, and such.



Accounting Director & Office Manager


No office environment can be perfect without a good office manager that makes sure all the team members have the proper tools in order to excel in their jobs.

Hofit is an asset to our company and her managerial skills along with her great attitude make the working area a great and comfortable place to work in.

Other than being an office manager, Hofit also runs the accounting department of the company, this way vendors and suppliers are always paid on time.

An extensive experience in Accounting allows Hofit to be hands-on with all the aspects of the Air Ambulance business needs.

Two years of service in the Army along with high education brought the tools that Hofit has in order to master her position with our service.

She is bilingual and multitasks which makes her an asset to our company.






Flight Coordination Director


With years of experience in scheduling and coordinating worldwide missions for patient transport, Sean is one of the sharpest and most talented flight directors out there.

Sean applies his professionalism, talent, and initiative to set quality standards within our patient care services and communications.

His cooperative and efficient approach is appreciated by our network around the world.  Clients find him to be a reliable and capable person to entrust their most delicate situations. The level of satisfaction by our clients has increased because of Sean’s continuous devotion to the development of the operational department he oversees.

His reputation is that of a fair and inclusive Director, He is a consistent top producer who earns rapid results and provides high-quality services to internal and external customers.



Billing Director – Insurance Specialist 


One of the key advantages of any medical company is its insurance billing department, the abilities of such a department ultimately affect the chances that the patient’s insurance will or will not cover their treatment.

Emanuel is one of the most experienced Air Ambulance Insurance Billing Directors out there, with over 18 years of experience and thousands of successful claims, he is a real asset to our company and clients.

He is a billing / Collections billing specialist with extensive experience managing billing and clinical services, Excellent interpersonal skills, and a commitment to accuracy, quality, and meeting deadlines.

Selected areas of expertise include Medical billing, Medical Collection, Pre-authorizations, Medicare, Medicaid Credentialing, Personal Insurance Auditing, Advanced MD program, Internal customer service, Time management, Clinic management, and more.

As an added bonus Emanuel also served in the United States Army and has been honorably discharged.




Medical Director – Flight Doctor


A Medical Director is one of the most important aspects of any type of medical business let alone an emergency service such as Air Ambulance 1, therefore it is extremely important to have the right person for this mission.

Dr. Ybarra is the perfect man for the job, after years of searching, we have identified his wonderful skills and rich experience in emergency medical treatment and trusted him with the mission of leading our medical teams and protocols for the best medical procedures.

Some of his achievements in the urgent care industry is An emergency physician and owner of Emergence Urgent Care in Harlingen, Texas, who started his practice in 2008, after realizing a particular type of demand. “I noticed from my own experience working in the emergency  room, there wasn’t an urgent care facility in the community to provide services for the ‘in-between’ issues.”

Formerly an ER doctor at Valley Baptist Hospital and the first Medical Director at Harlingen Medical Center, Dr. Ybarra wanted to find a solution for helping sprained ankles, broken arms, and other, less life-threatening emergencies in the Harlingen and Rio Grande Valley area.

Such an experienced Doctor can only contribute to the ease of mind of our clients and patients as one.



Chief Flight Paramedic – Field Supervisor


What makes our service loved and trusted is ultimately the medical personnel who will have the responsibility for transporting your loved ones safely and sound.

Christopher is our Chief Flight Paramedic and the most capable medical personnel for those critical care missions that are out of the ordinary.

He has been a critical care paramedic for over 17 years and he has been a flight paramedic for over 12 years, Christopher is also a senior Firefighter, Arson Investigator, and Fire Inspector as well as a Police Officer.

All his amazing talents make him our number-one guy for most of our Critical Care flights to destinations such as China, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, South, and Central America.

Some of his expertise is the transportation of Ventilated patients, Neonatal and Pediatric patients, Burn Injuries, Risk Pregnancies, and head injuries, patients.

His certifications are endless; EMT – Paramedic Texas Department of Health / NAEMT, Critical Care Paramedic, National Association of Critical Care Paramedics, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, National Academy of EMD, A.C.L.S, P.A.L.S, CPR  American Heart Association, Prehospital Trauma Life Support,  National Association of EMT’s, Non-Certified Radiology Technician,  Texas Medical Board Basic SWAT School, Advanced SWAT School and more.





Lead Flight Paramedic – Medical Escort Specialist


Other than the regular Air Ambulance and medical flights that we do, our company also offers medical escort services as well as commercial stretcher services.

While some may think that these services are similar to the Air Ambulance service, this is a big mistake, the escort of patients outside the environment of an Air Ambulance aircraft with all the equipment and supplies is very different than flying on a commercial aircraft with minimal equipment and limited supplies.

Taking a patient in a wheelchair in the USA and flying with him/her to destinations that are over 20 hours away requires a lot of experience, medical knowledge, and the ability to adjust to situations we can not foresee abroad.

Rusty is a well-trained and experienced Critical Care Flight Paramedic who we dedicated to our complicated escort missions worldwide and he is the perfect man for such work.

He has many years of experience in the medical field and he is an asset to our company, some of his licenses are; ACLS, Pals, CPR Instructor, CCT EMT-P, NIMS 100, 200, 700 & 800.






Flight Medic


Milan is one of our Flight Medics, she is professional and courteous and has an excellent attitude toward her clients and coworkers.

She acts as a 2nd medic on Air Ambulance flights and Medical Escort missions and she is a great sample of our company’s high standards for our patients and their families as well as for facilities we visit daily.

Her medical training, experience, and license are all in the state of Texas where she excels in inpatient care both on-ground ambulance and Air Ambulance.





Flight Medic 


Jonathan has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for over 5 years, he is a certified firefighter through Texas Commission on Fire Protection and he has his Emergency Medical Dispatch certification.

He has been on many international missions for our company as a 2nd medic and was able to specialize in the commercial stretcher services that we offer.

Any company that strives to be the best needs enthusiastic and professional employees that are passionate about their job, Jonathan is exactly that type of person – a medic who loves what he does and does it best.

His background is from a family that breathes, talks, and provides patient care each and every day, that is what makes him a valuable asset to our service.





Company Attorney


In the complicated and legal world of insurance regulations and medical practices, it is important to have a strong and professional attorney at your side, Cynthia is one of the most talented lawyers in the country and we are proud to have her at our side.

Cindy has a diverse, national trial and arbitration practice. Clients regularly seek Cindy’s counsel and expertise in complex commercial litigation matters, securities fraud claims, FINRA arbitrations, broker disciplinary actions, injunction cases, non-competition and trade secret cases, executive compensation cases, and general business litigation matters.
Her clients include multinational corporations, large national corporations, closely-held businesses, physicians, brokers (registered representatives), and individual entrepreneurs. Cindy has successfully represented thousands of individual investors in securities claims involving a variety of investments, often including non-traditional securities investments such as limited partnerships, options trading, insurance products, collateralized mortgage obligations, and derivatives.




IT Specialist 


Our company has multiple servers, numerous workstations, an advanced network, VPN, 24/7 flight trackers, and monitors – this delicate yet sophisticated device allows our team to be able to provide worldwide support to our clients.

When thinking about Air Ambulance, your think of an Aircraft and a medical team yet there is a lot of moving parts behind the scenes making sure each flight is perfect from start to finish.

In order to give the flight coordinators the proper tools to follow the flight, monitor the patient conditions, schedule the ground ambulance, keep both hospitals aware of the progress, and keep the family in the loop, we have to have the best and most sophisticated equipment.

Gabriel is the go-to person for these missions, with over 25 years of experience in the IT field and a bachelor’s degree,  he has the knowledge and experience to install and maintain the systems that make our company a leader in its field.

It is important that we will constantly have all systems updated, backed up, and monitored for any issues so the flight coordinators are able to do their jobs without any delays and Gabriel is one we can trust.




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