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Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance 1 provides the highest level of quality and compassionate care, We specialize in any type of Air Ambulance transport and can support any type of patient, no matter where you’re located you can expect us to provide;

Please feel free to contact our 24/7 dispatch center via instant chat, email, or simply by calling us.

Our Advantages for Air Ambulance

Our worldwide network alliance allows us to partner with only the most trustworthy ambulatory services to provide transfers to and from virtually anywhere in the world; all in a timely manner that meets the needs of our patients. No matter if you’re on vacation or traveling internationally, we can get you back home or transferred to medical facilities when traditional air or ground ambulance services are not an option.

This advantage also permits us to choose the proper aircraft for your mission, many air ambulance companies will always offer you the aircraft and service that they exclusively hold – when choosing our company we either use any of our exclusive services or offer you a service that is more suitable for your needs.

The fact that we use our network alliance saves you money, and time, and most importantly provides you with the proper medical team that is experienced and specializes in your unique medical condition.

Learn About Air Ambulance by Watching Our Teams In Action

Air Ambulance 1 is a licensed and insured medical company in the state of Texas

How the Air Ambulance Process Works

Step 1 Professional Flight Coordinators
Will coordinate every detail of your Medical flight

When booking a medical flight, one of our experienced professional Flight Coordinators will explain the complete process to the patient or their caregiver of what is involved in medical air transport. You’ll never be caught off guard or have to worry about a vital step being overlooked. Every detail will be taken care of.

Step 2 Our Medical Team
Will arrive the patient’s origin

Our professional medical team will arrive via airplane at the patient’s origin and he/she will be bedside escorted directly by our ground ambulance crew and medical staff, to the departure airport where our medical plane is waiting to transport the patient to their destination.

Step 3 Our Medical Staff
Will load the patient directly from the ambulance

Upon arrival to the twin-prop or jet aircraft, the patient is loaded directly from the ground ambulance unit by medical staff into the aircraft’s specially designed medical stretcher that is made especially for airplane transfer. Any family members will also be seated on the flight, to accompany the patient during the entire process.

Step 4 Critical Care Team
Will attend the patient’s every need during the medical flight

During the flight, Our Critical Care team will attend to the patient’s every need. Think of it as an actual critical needs ambulance, but in the air. We’re equipped to handle the unique medical concerns and needs of the most critically ill patients; like young children, burn patients, vent patients, critically ill patients, and also patients that weigh more than 300lbs.

Step 5 Ground Ambulance Crew
Will continue the patient’s escort upon arrival

Upon arrival at the destination airport, an awaiting ground ambulance crew will continue the patient’s escort, along with our medical team, to the predetermined destination facility. The team at the new facility will be awaiting the patient to receive them at a specified time so that your loved one can be immediately transferred to the bed or unit that they need.

Step 6 Air Ambulance 1
Will be with you every step of the way from beginning to end of the transport

From beginning to end of the transport, Air Ambulance 1 will coordinate the departure and arrival of the patient’s flight progress with the appropriate medical facilities and family members. There’s no better place than your loved one could be when it comes to transitioning them into a high-care facility that’s far away from your home.

Your Leader in Medical Flights

Our Medical Flight Experts Plan Every Step of the Trip

The Flight Coordinators at Air Ambulance 1 make our medical flight process a streamlined, well-planned process from start to finish. Whether you have one person traveling with you or 20, we can logistically plan out each step of the process to ensure that everyone gets where they need to be…even your pets!

Get a complimentary quote on your medical flight services today. Contact our experts to learn more about how we can help, what to expect, and even pre-approve your insurance if you want to go ahead with the transfer.

Call us at: Domestic: 1-800-424- 9000 International: 1-832-900- 9000

Click now for an Instant Quote, Live Chat, or Call our 24/7 Dispatch Center at 1(800)424-9000 

Bed-to-Bed Service

Do you have a loved one who needs to be transferred from one critical care facility to another, but travel is either impossible for the facilities to arrange or considered to be high-risk? Our air ambulance services specialize in the bed-to-bed transfer of even the most complex of medical cases.

In fact, complete bed-to-bed service is a standard feature for every flight. We don’t simply provide the air ambulance “taxi” service for patients; our transfer experts are there from the start of your move to when you’re safely in place at the facility that you’re being transitioned into.

Because we specialize in these unique patient services, our experts can also guide you through the proper paperwork and insurance protocols that come along with the process. It’s not something that you’ll have to blindly navigate on your own.

International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services
International and Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Family Companion During Flight

We offer a wide variety of air ambulance aircraft that can accommodate the transport of as many as 5 critical care patients and up to 15 family members. As such, patients can combine their transfers to the same or nearby medical centers to make the process as efficient as possible.

After all, our private planes can seat more than just the patient and our medical team. We find that keeping families together through the medical air transfer process is better for the mental, emotional, and physical needs of our patients.

Many types of air flight or care flight services do not allow for multiple family members to accompany the patient on their trip to the hospital or emergency center. Instead, those individuals have to arrange their own transportation…whether by car or flight.

But, Air Ambulance 1 knows that patients need their families, and families need to be with their loved ones in times of critical medical episodes or huge transitions like patient transfers.

A staff of Critical Care paramedics, nurses, doctors, and even surgeons is available 24/7 worldwide.

Your Leader in Medical Flights

A great deal of planning goes into your medical flight, and as an Air Ambulance 1 we have only the most rigorously trained professionals handling your case, from critical care neonatal nurses to insurance experts who can navigate your coverage, we’ve got you covered.

You take care of yourself, we’ll do the rest, It’s no surprise why our medical flight customers have given us one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the entire air ambulance industry. here are some additional services offered along with our medical flight services

Does Your Insurance Cover Medical Flights?

One of the things that makes Air Ambulance different than all other medical flight companies in the industry is how our in-house billing department works with your insurance carrier and helps you get the flight paid for by them.

We’ll process your claims with the fight log to make sure that your insurance doesn’t deny your claim, don’t let your insurance carrier bully you into thinking that a medical flight is unnecessary or not a covered service, If you’re entitled to the benefit, we have a legal team who can help.

If there’s time to plan ahead, we can pre-verify your coverage with your insurance carrier to see if medical flights are included in your plan, Otherwise, we will take any information that you have and process the claims after the air ambulance trip has already taken place.

Types of Air Ambulance Resources Available

Air Ambulance 1 has hundreds of extremely trained experts and aircraft located worldwide, before ever joining our team, each physician, nurse, and pilots have years of experience in critical care and flight.

You see, transporting a patient on a medical flight is different than on the ground, everything from the pressure in the cabin to having the right equipment on board must be considered, additionally, the medical teams and pilots need to go through special training in order to fly with our patients.

Each one of our aircraft is equipped with lifesaving equipment and medical supplies (including medications) to use at a moment’s notice, you or your loved one will be taken care of each second of the flight so that your health and safety are never compromised.


We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


Air Ambulance 1 – CEO