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Alexandria, Egypt

Air Ambulance 1

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More about Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria was founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great. The city became the capital of Egypt and was ruled by the Hellenistic Kingdom, the Roman Empire, and the Byzantine. In 641 AD the Arab Muslims founded Cairo and it became Egypt’s capital.

The city was a significant focal point of early Christianity and was the focal point of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, which was one of the significant focuses of Christianity in the Eastern Roman Empire. In the advanced world, the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria both make a case for this old legacy.

Medical Flight Services in Alexandria, Egypt

Air Ambulance 1 provides the following services:

With being a popular tourist destination, unfortunately, accidents happen while traveling. Air Ambulance 1 has been helping travelers and tourists patients return home safely from all around the world.

Medical Escort is a perfect solution for patients that needs a medical person to join them on a commercial flight. The medical person will assist the patient with medication, administering oxygen, and such. We will handle all the necessary arrangements.

These are some Hospitals we work with in Alexandria, Egypt

Being such a large city in Egypt, Alexandria has to have great hospitals for its citizens, here are to name a few

We also provide critical care services for these surrounding cities

Kafr el Dawwar, Borg El Arab, Rosetta, Damanhur, Fowa, Desouk, Kafr el Sheikh, Tanta, Tala, El Mahalla el Kubra, Aja, Talkha, Mansoura, Banha, Mit Ghamr and more.

Airports we serve in Alexandria, Egypt

The three major airports we serve for the city of Alexandria, Egypt.

Commercial Stretcher is an economical solution for non-critical patients.

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Alexandria, Egypt Medical Facilities Served

Among the many facilities this city may offer, we have served places like, El miri hospital, German Hospital, Alex Specialized Hospital, Agial Hospital, Andalusia Smouha Hospital, Loran Hospital, Hassab Hospital, Police Hospital, iCare Hospital, Middle East Hospital, Madina Women Hospital, Alexandria International Hospital, International Cardiac Center, El Yousr Hospital, Ma’amoura Psychiatric Hospital, El Saraya Hospital, Andalusia El Shalalat and more.

Alexandria, Egypt Surrounding Airports Served

Air Ambulance 1 also service provide services in the surrounding area airports such as  LXR – Luxor International Airport, ALY – Alexandria International Airport, HBE – Borg El Arab International Airport, Alexandria, HRG – Hurghada International Airport, ATZ – Assiut International Airport, SSH – Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, ASW – Aswan International Airport, RMF – Marsa Alam International Airport, HMB – Sohag International Airport, ABS – Abu Simbel Airport, DBB – Al Alamain International Airport, PSD – Port Said International Airport, TCP – Taba International Airport, ELT – El Tor Airport, AAC – El Arish International Airport, MUH – Marsa Matrouh International Airport, DAK – Daklha Oasis Airport, GSQ – Sharq El Owainat Airport and more

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    We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


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