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Beer Sheva, Israel

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More about Beer Sheva

Beer Sheba is first mentioned in the bible by Abraham. Tel Beer Sheva is a biblical site and it is located about 4 km from the modern city.  At the beginning of the twentieth century, a permanent settlement was established by the Ottoman Empire and later on was captured by the British. In 1948 the city was captured again by the Israeli Defence forces after the Egyptian army amassed its forces after the declaration of Israel’s Independence in 1947.

Although Beer Sheva located in a desert region with a severe lack of water, the city has considerably since Israel Independence. It is the home to Ben-Gurion Univesity of the Negev, the Institute for Arid Zone Research, and a center for a few of Israel’s high-tech companies.

Medical Flight Services in Beer Sheva, Israel

Air Ambulance 1 provides the following bed-to-bed services:

With over 200,000 patients transports in the past 15 years, Air Ambulance 1 can assist with all medical air transports. We fly pediatric, neonatal, adult, geriatric, and bariatric patients. From a basic level of care to advance care domestically and internationally.

When a patient needs to travel more than 500 Km and can not be transported by a commercial airline, you hire an Air Ambulance company. Air Ambulance 1 transport patients on private jets within Europe and around the world!

These are some Hospitals we work with in Beer Sheva, Israel

Being such a large city in the Israel, Beer Sheva has to have great hospitals for its citizens, here are to name a few

We also provide critical care services for these surrounding cities

Rahat, Ofaqim, Netivot, Dimona, Yeroham, Sederot, Qiryat Gat, Arad, Jabalia, Hebron, Gaza, Khan Yunis, Ashqelon, Rafah, Qiryat Malakhi and more.

Airports we serve in Beer Sheva, Israel

The three major airports we serve for the city of Bear Sheva, Israel.

Full-service Bed-to-Bed Medical Transport

Let our trained professional medical team assist with transporting your loved ones!

Bear Sheva Medical Facilities Served

Among the many facilities this city may offer, we have served places like, Soroka Medical Center, Assuta Hospital Be’er Sheva, בית החולים הפסיכיאטרי,  The Legacy Heritage Oncology Center and Dr. Larry Norton Institute, Mental Health Hospital, Internal Diseases Department Dalet, Saban Birthing and Maternity Center, Bikurofe clinic, כללית מרכז בריאות הנפש and more.

Bear Sheva Surrounding Airports Served

Air Ambulance 1 also service provide services in the surrounding area airports such as

BEV – Be’er Sheva (Teyman) Airfield, HFA – Haifa Airport, TLV – Ben Gurion Airport, MTZ – Bar Yehuda Airfield, AMM – Queen Alia International Airport, JRS – Atarot Airport, ETM – Ramon International Airport, RPN – Rosh Pina Airport, EIY – Sapir Airfield, VDA – Ovda airport, ICAO – Megido Airport and more

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    We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


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