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Caracas, Venezuela

Air Ambulance 1

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More about Caracas

Caracas was founded in 1567 by the Spanish conquistador Diego de Losada as Santiago de León de Caracas after few failed attempts by others. A few years later, the city became one of the Spanish empire’s capital. In 1811, Caracas became independent from Spain when the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence was signed.

Caracas has been viewed as one of the most significant cultural, industrial, economical, and touristic centers in Latin America. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas is one of the most significant in South America. The Museum of Fine Arts and the National Art Gallery of Caracas are additionally important.

Medical Flight Services in Caracas, Venezuela

Air Ambulance 1 provides the following services:

We can assist an elderly patient on a commercial flight. Let us send a uniformed nurse or paramedic to escort them before, during, and after the flight. Call us for more information about Medical Escort on a Commercial flight.

Being the capital city of Venezuela with a large population and a popular tourist destination, an air ambulance is an important part of the city’s medical services. Our professional coordination team can assist you 24/7.

These are some Hospitals we work with in Caracas, Venezuela

Being such a large city in Venezuela, Caracas has to have great hospitals for its citizens, here are to name a few

We also provide critical care services for these surrounding cities

Chacao, Baruta, El Cafetal, Petare, La Guaira, Maiquetia, El Hatillo, La Dolorita, Caraballeda, Catia La Mar, Carrizal, Caucaguita, Los Teques, Charallave, Guarenas and more.

Airports we serve in Caracas, Venezuela

The three major airports we serve for the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

Call us today for Bed-to-Bed medical air transport.

We are available 24/7

Caracas, Venezuela Medical Facilities Served

Among the many facilities this city may offer, we have served places like, Hospital Clínico Universitario, Hospital Vargas de Caracas, Hospital de Clínicas Caracas,  Hospital José Gregorio Hernández, Hospital General Dr. José Ignacio Baldó, Children’s Hospital “Dr. J. M. de los Ríos”, Hospital Domingo Luciani, Hospital Dr. Jesús Yerena, Hospital Padre Machado, Centro Médico de Caracas, Hospital Miguel Perez Carreno, Hospital San Juan De Dios, Residencia Socio Asistencia Aranda, Hospital Militar, Venezuelan Red Cross, Clinica Santa Sofia, Centro Médico Docente La Trinidad, Hospital Ana Francisca Pérez de León and more.

Caracas, Venezuela Surrounding Airports Served

Air Ambulance 1 also service provide services in the surrounding area airports such as LRV – Los Roques Airport, PPZ – Puerto Paez Internacional Airport, STD – Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport, CCS – Simón Bolívar International Airport, SNV – Santa Elena Airport, MAR – Airport La Chinita, SBB – Aeropuerto Santa Barbara, CAJ – Canaima Airport, VLN – Airport Valencia, AAO – Anaco Airport, MUN – Jose Tadeo Monagas International Airport, BLA – General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Airport, PYH – Cacique Aramare Airport, CBL – Tomas de Heres Airport, SOM – San Tomé Airport and more

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