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Thessaloniki, Greece

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More about Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is named after Alexander the Great’s sister and the second-largest city in Greece. Thessaloniki is a well-fortified city part of the Byzantine empire second to Constantinopole (Istanbul). The remains of Roman Emperor Galerius’ fourth-century castle incorporate the Rotunda that has been both a congregation and a mosque. A significant part of the downtown area was demolished in the Great Fire of 1917. The modified twentieth-century city has an advanced European design.

Thessaloniki is situated on the Thermaic Gulf, at the northwest corner of the Aegean Sea. It is limited on the west by the delta of the Axios/Vardar. The city is famous for its celebrations, occasions, and dynamic social life when all is said in done and is viewed as Greece’s social capital.

Medical Flight Services in Thessaloniki, Greece

Air Ambulance 1 provides the following services:

Each of our medical flight crews (including the pilots) have extensive training and experience transporting our high-risk patients and their families. For VIP and Executive patients, we have Gulfstream V and Gulfstream IV air ambulance jets that include catering and flight-attendant.

With over 200,000 patients transports in the past 15 years, Air Ambulance 1 can assist with all medical transports. We fly pediatric, neonatal, adult, geriatric, and bariatric patients. From a basic level of care to advance care domestically and internationally.

These are some Hospitals we work with in Thessaloniki

Being such a large city in Greece, Thessaloniki has to have great hospitals for its citizens, here are to name a few

We also provide critical care services for these surrounding cities

Sykies, Neapoli, Ampelokipoi, Evosmos, Eleftherio-Kordelio, Nea Magnisia, Pylaia, Panorama, Thermi, Peraia, Kalochori, Efkarpia, Pefka and more.

Airports we serve in Thessaloniki, Greece

The three major airports we serve for the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Thessaloniki Medical Facilities Served

Among the many facilities this city may offer, we have served places like, General Hospital of Thessaloniki “St. Demetrios”, General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. Gennimatas”, AHEPA University Hospital, Theageneio General Hospital, Ippokrateio – General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Sarafianos, L. GR., General Clinic S.A., GENIKO NOSOKOMEIO THESSALONIKIS, Agios Pavlos General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Psychiatry AHEPA, Euromedica, Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, Affidea, Euromedica – Arogi Thessalonikis, Medics S.A.  Hospital, General hospital in Thessaloniki,  and more.

Thessaloniki Surrounding Airports Served

Air Ambulance 1 also service provide services in the surrounding area airports such as SKG – Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia, ATH – Athens International Airport, LGTT – Tatoi airport, ZTH – Zakynthos Airport “Dionysios Solomos”, KVA – Kavala Airport “Alexander the Great”,  LGMG – Megara General Aviation Airport, JMK – Mykonos International Airport, VOL – Nea Anchialos National Airport,  JTR – Santorini National Airport, JSI – Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport, MLO – Milos Island National Airport, GPA – Araxos Airport, KLX – Kalamata International Airport, IOA – Ioannina National Airport, MJT – Mitilini Airport and more

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    We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


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