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Air Ambulance 1 Hosted The ACMA Luncheon In December

by admin on May 21, 2014

Our stellar marketing team sponsored the ACMA Luncheon this past December. The AMCA, or American Case Management Association, plays a vital role in protecting our clients, the people we care for, and ensuring protection for individuals receiving medical services.
This association encourages professional health care providers to collaborate with case managers to give patients the comprehensive care they need. Representatives of various industries partake in events sponsored by the Greater Houston Chapter of the AMCA to showcase how their companies can provide that unique care doctors and hospitals want to offer. At Air Ambulance 1, we have set the goal of doing everything in our power to be the best medical flight provider in the demanding aviation and medical industry. We participate in events like those put on by the AMCA to maintain our competitive edge.
This year’s event was a major success. As always, our beautiful booth stood out from all the rest. This makes it easy for any case manager to spot our team and arrange a chat with a company representative. By the way, we know how to have fun! We sponsored four excellent gifts at the raffle to show appreciation to our visitors. Call us and find out where and when to visit an Air Ambulance 1 booth.

Selecting the best air ambulance service provider
When it comes to choosing the ideal air ambulance service provider, you have to think about. You want one who can meet your needs without compromising on the level of healthcare being provided. Unfortunately, the process may be shadowed with concern or stress over a loved one. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things to consider when selecting the company that’s right for your needs:
● Will you be dealing with a middleman or broker, or the air ambulance company itself?
● What are the qualifications of the brokers to whom this job will be outsourced to?
● Will you be working with medical practitioners who are fully licensed to provide services and have complete understanding on all pertinent medical issues?
● Has the middleman or broker physically seen the aircraft and met the team who will be on the aircraft prior to offering this service to you? Are they privy to information regarding who is in
● control of the whole and the team who will fly in it?
● Has the Air Ambulance Company had to deal with any safety and incident concerns or are they facing any legal issues from the past?
● Is the Air Ambulance Company fully insured and licensed in the United States of America?
● Has the Air Ambulance company been sued because of poor business practice or medical negligence?
● Is the Air Ambulance Company based domestically or in a foreign country?
● Is the crew on a foreign Air Ambulance Company registered and licensed practice in the United States?
● Does the air ambulance company pay out commissions to brokers located in foreign medical facilities and transfer these costs to you?

What About the Costs Involved?
The overall costs for using air ambulance services variable from one company to the next, not to mention where you’re located or if you have insurance. Here are some of the questions that you can ask yourself when thinking about the costs you will incur:
● What sort of Aircraft will be used?
● Are ground ambulance services included?
● Is there an optional quote for a slower and smaller piston powered aircraft?
● Are you charged extra for having a person accompany you on the same flight?
● Who is included on the medical team travelling with you?
● Does the quote cover everything or there some things you will have to pay for separately at the end of the trip, such as fuel surcharges, specialized equipment, handling and landing fees, etc.?

Efficiency is Essential
Timing is critical, especially in the event of emergencies. Because of this, you need to givecareful consideration to just how soon the air Ambulance will come to the scene after they are called to come in. Brokers often waste a lot of valuable time when looking for an aircraft to dispatch, not to mention a team to accompany the patient. As you choose an air ambulance company, ask yourself, “Do they show up on time, every time?”

The Aircraft Matters Too
It goes without saying that safety is key. More so in the business of air ambulances. Make sure that you know for a fact that the aircraft being offered is the best for your circumstance. Not all airplanes are created equal. Some air ambulance service providers will fly an aircraft
over long distances and fail to re-fuel them while other providers will offer you a smaller aircraft that flies slowly and needs to stop more often to be re-fueled. Other aircrafts are not pressurized, meaning they cannot fly in certain weather conditions…making it dangerous for
people battling unique medical conditions. Remember, saving time could save your life.

Comparing One Company to the Next
Once you have all of the information that you need, it’s time to rank and compare the different services being offered by the various air ambulance companies available. Some companies that offer air ambulance services will outsource their jobs to aircrafts they don’t own and with third party medical practitioners or flight attendants that they have not vetted. Other companies will offer just the air transportation while leaving out the
ground ambulance services that are necessary to move you to and from your arrival/destination facility. Others like Air Ambulance 1, offer everything in one package with a fleet of privately own aircraft and personally trained team members. We’ve set the bar high when it comes to safety standards for our patients and our staff. Timing is everything, and we accompany our patients and their loved ones on a comprehensive bed-to-bed transfer anywhere in the world, at any time. Contact us today to learn more about our services and pricing!

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