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Guide To The Swedish Air Ambulance Industry

by admin on May 1, 2023

The provision of medical care to patients in urgent and life-threatening circumstances is made possible in large part by air ambulance services. These services make sure that patients get the care they need as soon as possible by getting them to hospitals or other places that can give them the care they need as quickly as possible.

Both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are used to deliver air ambulance services in Sweden, with each kind of aircraft serving a particular purpose in the delivery of medical aid.

The fixed-wing aircraft utilized by Sweden’s air ambulance sector will be the main subject of this guide. We’ll look at the many kinds of aircraft in operation, their capabilities, and how they contribute to the delivery of air ambulance services. To help you understand the Swedish air ambulance market, we will also share facts and statistics.


Models of Aircraft Used in Sweden’s Air Ambulance Sector

The two primary aircraft types used by Sweden’s air ambulance sector are turboprop and jet aircraft.

Aircraft with Turboprops 

Due to their ability to take off and land on short runways, turboprop aircraft are a popular choice for air ambulance services in Sweden. In addition to being more fuel-efficient than jet aircraft, these aircraft are also more affordable for air ambulance services. In Sweden, shorter trips inside the nation or to nearby nations are frequently made using turboprop aircraft.

The Pilatus PC-12 is one of the most widely used turboprop aircraft by Swedish air ambulance services. This aircraft can carry up to nine people, including patients and medical workers, and it has a 1,560-mile range. The Pilatus PC-12 is outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology and may be customized to match each patient’s individual requirements.


Aviation Jets 

Usually, longer trips or patient transfers over greater distances employ jet planes. This aircraft can cover greater distances in less time since they are quicker than turboprop planes. Nevertheless, compared to turboprop aircraft, they are considerably more expensive to run and repair.

The Learjet 45 is one of the most often used jet aircraft in Sweden for air ambulance services. This aircraft has a 3,600-mile range and can accommodate up to eight people, including patients and medical staff. Advanced medical tools, including a ventilator, oxygen supply, and defibrillator, are installed on the Learjet 45 to guarantee that patients receive the finest treatment possible while being transported.


Fixed-Wing Aircraft’s Function in Sweden’s Air Ambulance Industry

In Sweden, fixed-wing aircraft are essential to the provision of air ambulance services. These aircraft are used to transfer patients to and from isolated locations where ground transportation is impractical, hospitals, and other medical institutions. They are also employed in medical evacuations, which include moving patients from one nation to another for treatment.

The ability of fixed-wing aircraft to swiftly travel great distances is one of its benefits. This is crucial in Sweden because of the size of the nation and the potential necessity for patients to travel great distances for medical care. Advanced medical technology is also present aboard fixed-wing aircraft, enabling medical workers to deliver vital treatment while being transported.


Information and Statistics about the Swedish Air Ambulance Industry 

Sweden’s healthcare system benefits greatly from the country’s air ambulance business. These are some facts and figures about the Swedish air ambulance market:

  • There are about 500 workers in Sweden’s air ambulance sector.
  • Around 10,000 operations were carried out in Sweden by the air ambulance sector in 2019.
  • In Sweden, the average response time for air ambulance services is 15 minutes.
  • Sweden’s air ambulance sector has a fleet of about 50 aircraft.
  • Almost 11,000 patients were flown to Sweden in 2019 by the air ambulance sector.
  • Depending on the type of aircraft used, the distance traveled, and the needed degree of medical treatment, air ambulance services in Sweden might range in price. Nonetheless, since Sweden’s healthcare system covers these services, patients are rarely paid for air ambulance services there.
  • In Sweden, commercial businesses dominate the air ambulance market, however, the military also offers limited services.


In Sweden, the air ambulance business is vital to the provision of emergency medical care. This sector relies heavily on fixed-wing aircraft to quickly transport patients across great distances and distant locations. The most often utilized types of aircraft in Sweden’s air ambulance sector are turboprop and jet aircraft, with each type of aircraft serving a particular purpose in the provision of medical aid.

Statistics and data on the air ambulance sector in Sweden show how significantly this industry affects the healthcare system in that nation. Each year, the sector transports thousands of patients to hospitals and medical institutions across the nation and abroad while also employing hundreds of workers and completing thousands of missions.

Overall, Sweden’s air ambulance business plays a crucial role in the nation’s healthcare system by offering vital medical aid to those who need it. The utilization of fixed-wing aircraft is only one illustration of the creative and successful strategies being used by the sector to enhance patient outcomes in Sweden and throughout the world.

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