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More about Japan

Japan is comprised of more than 6,500 islands.  Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu are the fourth largest islands and are nearly the entire country’s land area. Japan has been occupied years before its recorded history around 1 B.C. The Yayoi people were skill farmers, toolmakers, and weavers that came to Japan from China and Koria. In 660 B.C. Jimmu Tenno was Japan’s first empire. Japan was governed by empires until the twelfth-century A.D. when military shotguns took control.

Japan is also known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Japan is the only country in the world that has an emperor. He is still very respected although he has no real power. Japan’s economy is one of the world’s largest economies. Some of the world’s most popular vehicles and electronics are produced in Japan

Here is a list of Japan most popular cities – click the city for more information

Services we provide for Japan

Air ambulance 1 experts have served over 200 thousand patients worldwide for over 15 years. We have successfully operated numerous critical care air ambulance flights, domestically, and internationally. Your medical well being is our top priority as we provide a true bed to bed experience. Our clients value our expertise and superb level of patient care, as well as our commitment to service that is exceeding normal industry standards.

Air Ambulance Services

Each of our medical flight crews (including the pilots) have extensive training and experience transporting our high-risk patients and their families. Group transportation can also be arranged.  Be sure to ask our Flight Coordinators about empty-leg programs that may be available. We’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Some of the popular aircraft we use are Learjet 35, Learjet 55, and Learjet 60. These aircraft can go as far as 4,000 km non-stop and carry up to 2 patients as well as 2 family members. If you need a larger aircraft, an available Gulfstream V and Gulfstream IV are available 24/7.

Japan consists of over 6,800 islands.

  • Islands 6,800 islands
  • Sakura National flower
  • Manga Japanese comic books or graphic novels

Top cities for Air Ambulance in Japan

Here are the largest cities that we provide Air Ambulance on a regular basis

We provide medevac services for the following surrounding counties

Urayasu, Kawaguchi, Toda, Soka, Ichikawa, Warabi, Wako, Hatogaya, Komae, Matsudo, Musashino, Mitaka, Chofu, Kawasaki, Asaka, Kawasaki, Yamato, Kamakura, Zushi, Yokosuka, Fujisawa, Machida, Hayama, Komae, Futtsu, Ebina, Zama, Chofu, Kimitsu, Kisarazu and more.

Most common hospitals in Japan

Japan has hospitals, The University of Tokyo Hospital, St. Luke’s International Hospital, Tōkai University Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo Medical University Hospital, Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital, Sanno Hospital, Seibo Hospital, Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital, Tokyo General Hospital, Saiseikai Central Hospital, Tokyo Toritsu Matsuzawa Clinics, Tokyo Kamata Hospital, Ohkubo Hospital, Ikebukuro Hospital, Tokyo Kensei Hospital, Yokohama Chuo Hospital, The Bluff Medical & Dental Clinic, Yokohama Shinmidori General Hospital, Keiyu Hospital, Yokohama Denentoshi Hospital, Yokohama Rosai Hospital, Honmoku Hospital, Fureai Yokohama Hospital, Kameda Clinics, Minato Red Cross Hospital, St. Marianna University School of Medicine Yokohama City Seibu Hospital, Yokohama Municipal Citizen’s Hospital, JCHO Yokohama Hodogaya Central Hospital, Yokohama City University Medical Center, Showa University Northern Yokohama Hospital, Yokohama Daiichi Clinics, Yokohama City University Hospital, Seirei Yokohama Hospital and more.


Worldwide Air Ambulance Service is One Phone Call Away

We also provide medical evacuation for the following cities

Urayasu, Kawaguchi, Toda, Soka, Ichikawa, Warabi, Wako, Hatogaya, Komae, Matsudo, Musashino, Mitaka, Chofu, Kawasaki, Asaka, Kawasaki, Yamato, Kamakura, Zushi, Yokosuka, Fujisawa, Machida, Hayama, Komae, Futtsu, Ebina, Zama, Chofu, Kimitsu, Kisarazu, Kasugai, Kanie, Nagakute, Komaki, Iwakura, Inazawa, Toyoake, Tokai, Miyoshi, Tsushima, Ichinomiya, Seto, Konan, Obu, Aisai and more.

Japan Largest Airports Include

NRT – Narita International Airport, KIX – Kansai International Airport, HND – Haneda Airport, NGO – Chubu Centrair International Airport, ITM – Osaka International Airport, CTS – New Chitose Airport, SDJ – Sendai Airport, OKA – Naha Airport, FUK – Fukuoka Airport, HIJ – Hiroshima Airport, NGS – Nagasaki Airport, KMJ – Kumamoto Airport, KOJ – Kagoshima Airport, UKB – Kobe Airport, MYJ – Matsuyama Airport, UEO – Kumejima Airport, HKD – Hakodate Airport and more.

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    We Guarantee that when choosing Air Ambulance 1, your loved ones shall be treated with professional and compassionate care. We consider every patient as family, we strive to perfection and continuously monitoring our operations. When choosing A provider, Remember that Air Ambulance 1’s management team has over 200,000 successful patient transfers in the past 15 years.


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